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  • Companies must now engage with their customers in as many ways as possible. It is necessary because of the increasing competition. Also, the development of chatbot trends has enabled companies to take advantage of them. There have already been many technological advances this year, and there is an excellent opportunity that this trend will continue.

  • AI reassesses how firms communicate internally and even with customers. Machine learning and dynamic evaluations of automated business interactions require AI.

  • Chatbots show the trend change from basic customer-based inquiries to more modern, complex interactions based on computational methods. The use of chatbots has increased significantly over the past few years, surpassing traditional job functions in many industries. The new chatbot trends will enable you to scale your business more quickly and strengthen your brand’s identity if you own a business.

  • AI will develop a unique location with customer experience services over the next five years. According to Gartner, 47% of organizations will use customer support chatbots, and 40% will use virtual assistants.

  • The focus of this essay will be on the top chatbot trends that will impact business growth in 2020;

Ways using chatbots can grow your business

1. More People are Familiar with Chatbots:

  • Customer service, sales, marketing, HR, and many other sectors have been made more efficient by chatbots. Additionally, they support the efficient operation of daily tasks such as parenting, raising children, e-learning, exercising, and others. To learn about user preferences and deliver a customized chatbot experience, exercise chatbots are being developed. It doesn’t take much time to involve the users in their weekly workout routine.

  • One of the best eLearning innovations is the chatbot, which assists by making the teaching method simpler. These intelligent bots are also employed as virtual helpers.

  • The most innovative method for bridging the technology and education divide is chatbots.

2. AI in Customer Care:

  • Texting, chatbots, and other cutting-edge technology are already accelerating the growth of call centers around the world. According to Chatbots Magazine, companies can reduce their customer care costs by up to 30% by implementing conversational chatbots.

  • Chatbots are designed to save organizations a tonne of money when they switch from outdated IVR technology to AI. Without human interaction, a bot can help with straightforward requests like resetting a password, making an appointment, requesting a balance, and others.

  • Due to the persistent nature of recurring conversations, chatbots can reduce the number of human employees required and improve staff retention rates. Hiring personnel for your call center 24 hours a day can be expensive.

3. Chatbots will Become more Human:

There is little doubt that chatbots will control the commercial communications sector. Worldwide Market Insights estimates that by 2024, the global chatbot market would be worth more than $1.3 billion. Businesses concentrate increasingly on developing responsive chatbots using AI, machine learning, and natural language processing in order to take this into account and keep up with client expectations.

A more interactive AI will make chatbots:

  • Improve consumer relationships by providing a customized customer experience.
  • Customers’ experiences with the brand will be improved, as will brand loyalty.
  • Affected is the customer’s comprehension of how to receive favorable feedback and build a loyal client base.

4. Voice Assistants are more Popular:

  • According to research, voice and text-based connections are slowly becoming the preferred method of communication for online shoppers. Software for voice assistants is becoming more dependable and is being used for specialized services.

  • A popular method for accessing digital services across industries is CUI (Conversational user interface), which can be voice or text-based. They may help in a variety of industries, including insurance, travel, education, and financial services. They provide employees and clients with the greatest solutions in many different areas.

Voice bots are gaining popularity for the following reasons:

  • Texting can take a lot of time.

  • When speech bots offer automated, AI customer connection, texting can occasionally get tiresome.

  • You may provide users with accurate information and the appropriate information in real-time by using voice assistants.

  • Voice bots offer fresh customization possibilities that solve the issues encountered when addressing client needs.

5. Chatbots that are Powered by Messaging Services:

  • The most popular idea is conversational trade because it encourages customers to use chatbots for online shopping. Messaging tools assist companies in reviving their strategy from branding improvements to delivering the greatest customer service.

  • As powerful bot capabilities become available, more firms will eventually embrace messaging systems to increase consumer engagement and loyalty.

  • One of the top app development firms in 2020 may benefit from the interactive AI chatbot capabilities on messaging platforms for brand exposure, customer assistance, engagement and marketing, and sales & lead generation.

6. Additional User Demand Use-Cases:

  • AI chatbots have important use cases for customers as well as for businesses and a number of industry sectors.

  • One in five customers will consider buying a chatbot from goods and services, according to the Ubisend survey. Chatbots immediately handle all online orders, whether they are for gadgets, food, or clothing.

  • As technology advances, organizations will experiment with chatbot technology to establish their own use cases for chatbots in 2020 and add automation to their business applications.

7. Chatbot Payments that are Automatic:

  • Chatbots will unquestionably change how eCommerce companies handle customer service, handle lead-generating initiatives, and automate transactions. 67% of millennials in the United States prefer using chatbots to conduct their shopping, according to Chatbots Magazine.

  • In the future, chatbots will automate safe payments and allow customers to make payments directly through Facebook Messenger or live chat. This quick procedure increases customer satisfaction and business delight.

  • The following advantages can be attained by accepting payments through the Facebook Messenger app:

  • A more effective interactive sales method encourages consumers to ask questions and offer the best solution for their needs.

  • Many people rely on Facebook Messenger to solve their debit card or credit card security problems.

  • Although users cannot immediately make final payments through Messenger, they do not need to leave their phones.

  • This is less expensive than more traditional methods like live chat and phone centers.


It has become crucial to follow emerging trends if you want to expand your brand. You must now have a general understanding of why chatbots are necessary for your company to offer a positive client experience.

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