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Many Startup in the world always live in pressure mode when it comes to achieve sustainable growth.There is always ups and down in their growth journey until reach to healthy stage in their business lifecycle.


NoorTaxi(a KSA based startup) team was frustrated due to many reasons of continuous delay in software delivery by their Software Development team which keep causing huge financial loss for NoorTaxi. Their all Sales Forecast keep delaying due to this. So finally NoorTaxi decided to change their Software Development Team.
In Software industries changing existing team and replace it with new team is the very strong decision, this may harm badly for the startup company like NoorTaxi.
The challenge for NoorTaxi was to find new team having capability to deliver Quality Result in Timeline defined by Investors.After couple of discussions with Variance Team, NoorTaxi got the confidence in handover their Development work to Variance Team.
Some of the problem NoorTaxi & New Team(Variance) faced during the transition as,
  • No Proper Response or support from outgoing software team
  • Delaying in handover process
  • No Intention in providing proper understanding to New Team by Old Dev. Team
  • Hard time for New Team to understand existing software architecture
After several Iteration of discussion and understanding of codebase by skilled team of
Variance, Finally Apps getting release on respected store of Google and Apple.
NoorTaxi surprised to see launch of apps and appreciate continuous support from Variance Team, who didn’t Look at Day & Night to finished Task in defined timeline which was set initially for Old Team where they had plenty of time to deliver the Apps.
Facts of NoorTaxi Apps:


Total Downloads


of Drivers


of Trip/Day

 500 KM

Area of Operation

500 KM Radius in the north of KSA(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Some of the Great Appreciation Quotes from NoorTaxi management which definitely helps Variance to keep growing and set an example of “How to Deliver Quality on Time”.
“Thank you Variance, You’re such a wonderful Team”
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