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Developing Cross platform application is about building a single application that can run on various operating systems, instead of implementing for individuals. When you work on cross-platform app development, you can launch your software quickly on various platforms. The source code is commonly written for all platforms.

Flutter is the most popular cross-platform framework in the world According to the JetBrains 2021 State of Developer Ecosystem survey. According to the poll, 42% of software developers have used Flutter. In general, about a third of mobile developers use cross-platform technologies or frameworks.

1. Single codebase for every platform:

Flutter is a single codebase development framework. The application that you make on Flutter can be published on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and web. For a business looking to enter the digital space in minimal effort and time, Flutter cross platform app development can be a great starting point.

2. Collection of widgets:

In many progressive languages, Flutter uses widgets as its core element. Widgets allow developers to keep easy track on their development activity and path, which save lots of time on developing basic UI elements for each screen and resolution. The two sets of Flutter widgets – Cupertino and Material Design. It gives widgets that developers can customise and use as per the requirements.

3. Hot Reloading Option:

After running the application developers need to wait for a few minutes to change the code and reflect on their running mobile screen. But, with Flutter app development, there is a feature called Hot Reload which allows developers to render a change in mile-seconds. When we apply the change and do the Hot Reload The updated source codes are sent into a running Dart Virtual Machine. The Dart VM then reloads all the libraries with updated code, The hot-reload mechanism updates classes with the new versions of fields and functions, the Flutter framework automatically rebuilds, repaints, and re-layouts the widget tree So, developers can view the effect of the change within seconds.

4. Cost savings & shorter time to profitability:

Whether you are a startup or an entrepreneur, the app development cost is always the biggest pressing question for you. Apart from app development costs, you also need to consider other expenses such as team building, server cost, marketing, and more. for the Flutter app development, it costs you half the price of developing a native app for both Android and iOS platforms. Also, the testing requirements are low, so you can get cross platform application development even if you have a low budget.

5. High Performance:

Application performance is probably one of the key categories when developing a good UX. Flutter apps are compiled into machine code using the graphics and visualisation engine built into C/C++, so applications are very fast and high-performance. Using Flutter gives a more noticeable increase in productivity compared to other cross-platform technologies. and in a flutter, you get fast execution on any platform. This is because it uses the Dart programming language, which is fast, simple, and can easily compile into native code. It improves the performance of the application as compared to any other app development platform.

6. Future Ready with Fuchsia Support:

Google built its microkernel from scratch called Zircon. We can only mention that Fuchsia OS will be a real thing with the significant support of Google. Fuchsia is still in the early stages of development. What makes Fuchsia so unique is the ability to run on any CPU architecture. Flutter already works smoothly on Android and iOS. Knowing that Fuchsia supports Dart language which is used in Flutter, it can be stated that it will easily be set with Fuchsia. In the future, developers can use the double power Flutter and Fuchsia together, they can release apps on any platform like smart home with minimum investment and in record time.

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