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Project Details:

  • This project is created to import CSV(Comma-separated values) file to database with validation of required fields.

Functionality :

  • User Can Import CSV File to database.
  • User can import CSV file with different type like: File can have different fields which is stored in database and he can select it on first panel.
  • User has to map file fields by selecting in drop-down list and he can leave optional fields if he don’t need.
  • Dynamic validation of required fields which is coming from database, so validation fields can be changed by just changing fields in database.
  • It will show preview data of success record before upload to database and if any data is invalid in required fields then it will show specific row with red mark in required field.

Technology we used:

  • Framework 4.5
  • MS access 2007 (DataBase)
  • HTML and CSS

Screenshot :








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