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Commerce Cloud is a key part of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform and offers ecommerce solutions for B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) customers.

It means that organizations purchase Commerce Cloud to provide the best ecommerce websites to their customers who are shopping online,whether they are consumers buying the latest fashion or businesses making a large wholesale purchase.
Commerce Cloud was created in July 2016, when Salesforce acquired Demandware, an industry leader in ecommerce sites and solutions designed with the shopper in mind. The Demandware technology has grown and evolved to become the Salesforce B2C Commerce product.
In 2018, Commerce Cloud expanded beyond B2C ecommerce with the acquisition of CloudCraze, a leader in ecommerce designed for organizations selling to business customers. What was CloudCraze is now the Salesforce B2B Commerce product. Now Commerce Cloud spans across B2C and B2B to offer leading ecommerce solutions for all types of companies looking to sell products and services online.
What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

According to Salesforce:

“Commerce Cloud is the world’s leading B2C and B2B commerce solution. It is a multi-tenant, cloud-based commerce platform that empowers brands to create an intelligent, unified buying experience across all channels- mobile, social, web, and store.”
It means that Salesforce Commerce Cloud combines Sales, Marketing, and Services through which users can craft seamless and attractive buying experiences for their customers. It allows them to handle their entire business operations from a single place.
Why do We Need Different Products For B2B and B2C Commerce?

B2B buyers and B2C shoppers both want great ecommerce experiences, but the way they use ecommerce sites,and the functionality they need,is very different. Commerce sites built for business users (B2B) are designed for a smaller set of known customers who often make large or frequent purchases. For example, a paper manufacturer can sell to 100 factories that reorder each month. B2B sites need to make it easy for customers to make large orders, and then reorder the right products quickly.
Commerce sites built for the consumer (B2C),the kind that all of us use for regular online shopping,are designed to attract a large number of guest shoppers to the site. Once a shopper is on the site, companies want to show them the most relevant products, let them quickly add a few or several products to their cart, and then pay and finish the transaction quickly. It’s important for B2C sites to scale for big sales or holidays when millions of shoppers can be on the site at the same time.
Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

Commerce Cloud provides features that any growing organisation should consider to grow their business.
Seamless and continuous upgrades:

Deliver new features and enhancements without interpreting your day-to-day operations. It empowers you to keep pace with today’s dynamic market and evolving customer needs.
Merchandising and management tools:

Managing all the catalogs, pricing, and product across your websites. Convincing the customers to buy when the time comes to sell.
Omni-Channel Functionalities:

There is one key feature on which the Salesforce Commerce Cloud has put big emphasis, which is empowering organisation to manage their business over multiple channels from a single platform.Organisation can streamline multiple processes like sales, order management, inventory management, marketing campaigns, conversions, etc. at a single SaaS solution. Not only Omni-Channel functionalities provide flexibility to organisations but also it saves a lot of their valuable time and efforts.


First-Class Customer Support:

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides around-the-clock and continuous support to all its merchants and makes sure their business runs flawlessly and thrives promptly 24/7. Moreover, the support offered by the Salesforce Commerce Cloud covers complete issues varying from fixing codes to improving security concerns, and the list continues more.
Order management:

Complete order data shows the order processing stages that mean from production to delivery. Enterprise inventory accurately represents the available inventory, regardless of its location.
Real-time reports and Dashboards:

Critical and effective business decisions by tracking revenue, performance, lead volume. It helps you to give clear insights across all digital channels.

Overall, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a very powerful and scalable eCommerce platform with lots of native features like merchandising, Order management,and many more.One of the best things of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud is that you can customize the design of your online eCommerce store without writing any code yourself . That’s exactly what any organization needs.

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