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The Global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Market was valued at US$55.314 billion in 2019 and in 2020 data is yet to come but it will definitely increase in the Cloud CRM market due to COVID . (Source : Businesswire), the largest enterprise application software market we track.

This means CRM has been widely used software across all industries not only for sales, marketing & support but used in different departments of a company connected with sales/marketing like HR,Procurement,Account etc..
“Pandemic has changed business completely from Work From Office to Work from Anywhere and its increase high utilization of CRM software”
1. Mobile CRM:

Mobile CRM is not the new technology it keeps gaining momentum in 2020 and still continues to rise its footprint in 2021 as well.
Mobile CRM will be mandatory for any CRM product to stay in the market in 2021. Due to Pandemic and “Work from Anywhere” every business is looking for cloud CRM solutions along with Mobile CRM so anyone can run their business from anywhere.
2. AI and Automation:

AI with automation will be #1 in trends due to high competition in every business to Automate repeated tasks.
Impact of AI Use on Sales :
  • 40% to 50% – cost reductions from AI use.
  • 25% of customer service interactions will be handled by chatbots by 2020.
  • 30% of B2B businesses will use AI to reinforce at least one sales process by 2020.
AI utilization in 2021 will be more focused on how CRM will automatically finish tasks or activities of the user while the user is busy on another task or on vacation in the Bahamas !!! lol 🙂
Some of the Important feature will be in watch during 2021 as,
Sales :
  • Auto Event/Meeting reminder
  • Customer behaviour and emotion’s analysis on decision making
Marketing :
  • Automate marketing updates on reaction of customer
Support :
  • Autoresponder based on customer request and type of issues.


3. Social CRM:

Social CRM is a very important part to be integrated with any CRM and it’s in High demand from the last 2-3 years and it will keep on demanding.


In 2021 every business will demand effective integration of Social media with CRM to effectively communicate with customers from a single application.
Features will be in demand in 2021,
  • Visibility Single view of communication of all social media from CRM
  • Replacement of Email and Phone to Chat Apps to support customers
  • Integration of Social Media like Facebook,LinkedIn, Twitter with Single Channel communication
  • Integration of Social Chat Apps like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat with Single Channel communication
4. Single Channel (No Channel) Communication:

Since the inception of CRM, communication is the key factor with the customer by means of email,phone,SMS,Social chat, Social message etc..
To efficiently communicate with customer in 2021, single channel will be in demand so every user will have a visibility of all the communication happens from various communication apps(SMS/Voice/Chat)


5. Business Intelligence & Analytics:

BI & Data analytics will be the key features to be considered in 2021 for management or key takeholder to make business decisions.
“Correctness in business data analysis is the key to grow business faster than ever”
Some of the BI trends in 2021,
  • Collect and analyze customer data from many touch points like comments, marketing campaign,sales and social media
  • Integration of BI Tools like Pentaho, Tableau etc..
6. Customer Journey through AR / VR:

Emerging technology like Augmented reality and Virtual Reality will be an important part in CRM with a new way of engaging customers.


Retail and other sectors started using AR in 2019 to offer real-time experience to customers to help them to purchase any item online feel like they purchase it from physical stores.
Highlights of CRM with AR/VR trends in 2021,
  • AR annotation Integrated with CRM for Support team issue resolution.
  • OnField Staff to manage Installation/Fixes of Products through AR integrated with CRM
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CRM trends in 2021 are focused on latest and upcoming technologies and interactions. Make sure The CRM you will choose includes the trends mentioned above for you to sustain in the competitive market.
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