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Active Server Pages (ASP) also known as Classic ASP or ASP Classic is Microsoft’s first server-side script engine for dynamically-generated web pages. With the Classic ASP Framework you will be able to structure your ASP pages pretty much the same way you would do it in ASP.NET. Â The beauty of the Framework is that it includes most of the controls found in ASP.NET like Label Box, Text Box, Drop Down, Check Box, Radio Buttons, GenericHTML, Data Repeater, and Data Table. Above all, the Framework is an “Event Driven GUI Paradigm” and it aids the ViewState.

The main benefits of using Classic Asp are:

  • Coding takes a lot less time, is more readable and easier to maintain.
  • Event driven model
  • Simplifies the migration to ASP.NET

A combination of Active Server Pages or ASP with .net framework is ASP.NET. provides the most easiest and scalable way build dynamic web applications with comparatively little code needed with classic ASP.

With the new .net Framework Microsoft simplified a lot of complexity with traditional web application development. The classic asp environment allows today’s architects, analysts and developers to spend more time and effort focusing on their clients’ business issues and less time wrestling with the limitations of the technology itself.

It has several functions including interoperability, common Runtime Engine, language Independence, base Class Library, simplified Deployment and security. Benefits of deploying classic application are many and they are increased Productivity.

Advantages of Classic Asp

  • Classic web development facilitates easier and quicker programming.
  • Reduced amount of code
  • Larger class library
  • Better support for development tools
  • Decreased Development Costs
  • Availability of options to track and review the project regularly
  • Maximized project visibility
  • Enhanced predictability
  • Adaptability and minimized project risk
  • The overall advantages of Classic ASP Programming Services are it Minimizes network traffic
  • Flexibility to view in any browser
  • Ability to dynamically edit, change or add any content of a web page
  • Ability to access any data or database and return the results to a browser
  • Design & Development of custom ASP web-sites
  • Maintenance of existing ASP websites
  • Integration with third party ASP components for file upload, mails etc

Using the code

Using the code is pretty simple. Just include the “WebControl.asp” file and a reference to each Server Control (each one is wrapped in its own ASP file) that you want to use to your ASP page. After you include the references then you need to write code inside each event you want to handle.

The Form is taken care of by the Framework. Just include FormStart.asp when the form starts and FormEnd.asp when you need to clode the form tag. This two includes will make sure that all necessary hidden fields are included. The last thing that has to be done is to the Main () method (included in the WebControls.asp). This method will do the magic. I call it the “Page Controler” because it coordinates the execution of all the events in the appropriate order. This method should only be called after the declaration of all the includes and BEFORE rendering any control.

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