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Kotlin is a programming language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It is developed by JetBrains, a software development company that has developed a popular IDE IntelliJ. This includes server, client, web, and Android development.

Java is one of the oldest object-oriented programming languages that found its way into the most advanced programs, Android apps. The primary reason is the Open Handset Alliance made the user interface (UI) of Android OS using Java programming language.

Almost any server, device, and operating system will support Java. Furthermore, as programmers can compile Java programming code into bytecode, it also works on JVM.

What makes Kotlin so popular among developers is its clean language design and powerful features. One other huge benefit of Kotlin is that most of its language design decisions focused on maintaining backward compatibility with many Java and Android projects.

The Benefit of Kotlin:

1. Kotlin is easy to learn:

Kotlin’s syntax and design are simple to understand and yet very powerful to use. For anyone with existing developer experience, understanding and learning Kotlin will be almost effortless.

Kotlin’s syntax and design are simple to comprehend and yet very powerful to use. This is a key reason why Kotlin has surpassed Java as being the go-to language for Android app development.

2. Kotlin allows writing less code:

with kotlin, you get shorter code and it means a lower chance of error in coding. You can focus more on the logic and quality of the code. The shortness and simplicity of the codes also make it easier for you to debug. Kotlin is all about high readability, simplicity, and the facilitation of the app development process.

3. Null reference elimination:

Kotlin is completely null safe, which prevents this exception from happening. This is the biggest advantage that has prompted many developers to make the switch to other languages. Kotlin null safety is a procedure to eliminate the risk of null reference from the code. Kotlin compiler throws NullPointerException immediately if it finds any null argument is passed without executing any other statements.

4. Cross-Platform App Development:

JetBrains recently released Kotlin Multiplatform in 2020, which is an additional feature of the language that helps it expand beyond Android app development. Kotlin Multiplatform lets developers use a single codebase to develop apps for both iOS and Android. With JavaScript interoperability support, kotlin enables you to transfer the frontend development to kotlin. Additionally, Kotlin allows you to write Gradle codes in kotlin and also features efficient multiThreading It lets you synchronise multiple threads with simultaneous modification of data.

5. Kotlin is fully compatible with Java:

Kotlin developers have access to all Java frameworks and libraries while writing more clear and concise code. So, Android engineers can use both languages when building a mobile product as well as migrate their applications from Java to Kotlin. Over time,kotlin hat efficiently adopted some great elements from other languages such as C# and Scala. Coding elements like parameter lists and variable declarations make kotlin a perfect tool for dealing with flaws of java.


Kotlin language has more advantages then Java for Android development as it takes care of the drawbacks Java has. Moreover, the transition from Java to Kotlin is easy and anyone who is interested in programming can make good progress within a short span of time.

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