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In fact, mobile devices have become so important to our daily lives, we carry them everywhere we go.
Business methods have changed. Nowadays, people prefer mobile applications to desktops, as they offer more convenience, speed and adaptability. Consumers can shop anywhere, even on the go. This has resulted in a tremendous growth of the number of mobile applications.

Mobile eCommerce app development is one of the most popular directions in the IT world today. With eCommerce, you can buy and sell goods and services via the Internet much quicker and easier than in a store.
there are numerous reasons why you should have a mobile solution for your webshop. We’ve compiled them and picked out four most important benefits of eCommerce apps for your business.
Let’s start with the stats! According to com-score, 80% of the internet users now own a smartphone and on an average 70% of the time spent by a user on mobile device is devoted to the apps.
With the increasing popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices, developing a mobile app for e-commerce has become a necessity rather than an option. Mobile devices have overtaken desktop computers as the primary means of accessing the Internet. Across the globe, mobile penetration is very high and even in developing countries, you can find 90 percent of the population owning mobile phones. It, therefore, makes sense to develop e-commerce apps for mobile devices because that’s where the majority of customers can be found. The proliferation of money transfer services and mobile wallets means that many people are now keeping money in their phones, and they use their devices for shopping. The e-commerce trends are also changing, now the e-commerce owners focusing on enhancing the user experience and customer satisfaction by providing the store in the hands of their customers through the mobile app.
If you’re an eCommerce vendor, your shopping app is more important than ever. That’s because mobile apps are the best performing channel in eCommerce right now.
Ecommerce is the future. It came late but revolutionized almost every industry. The reason behind ecommerce catching up is the customer-centric approach; making life easier and saving time over brick and mortar shopping. The industry is booming and the numbers of mobile shoppers are increasing almost every day. If you are looking for a choice between eCommerce website and mobile app, Read out the 14 Reasons You Need to Invest in Mobile App Development

1. Personalize Your Brand & Impose it!

Your app, your way. Marketing your brand becomes easy with mobile apps. You can impose your brand logo, your colors, animations, tag lines at any page at any time. Consider putting animations or logos or tag lines at each shift of pages. Let your customers remember you for a long time even after they have closed the application.
Build your brand, however big or small it is. Personalize your app in a way that a customer goes through the roots of your services and gets a unique and distinguished experience of business.

2. Loyal Customers

Although a mobile app is a copy of the existing website, it has some important advantages over the desktop option. The main advantage is that it is highly optimized, personalized and well-designed. This is the key point for the acquisition and retention of customers. With a mobile shopping app, customers find themselves in a convenient online store where they can choose goods and purchase them without the hustle and bustle.

  • Shopping preferences and previous orders can be saved in the app. This saves time by getting customers to the check-out quicker.
  • Shopping is accessible from anywhere 24/7, so the buyers are not tied to the working hours and locations.
  • The other main feature is the loading time. A mobile application has one tremendous advantage over a responsive website: its pages load faster. Therefore, mobile apps reel in more clients. Managers should realize that in the retail business, seconds count. Most visitors will leave the site if it needs more than three seconds to load. They will most likely turn to competitors.
  • The best eCommerce applications can provide users with the basic functionality (to compare products, to check prices) even offline using a full-power performance of a smart device.
Thus, eCommerce apps are able to create a solid loyal audience for your company.

3. Better Brand Recognition

Mobile apps support strong connections with customers and engage them more. Integrate popular social media platforms into your application and let the customers discuss your products and services. In the social networks, users willingly share links to their favorite sites, ask for feedback and describe their customer experience. These are powerful tools for building your brand’s reputation, advertising your service and drawing the attention of potential clients.
Moreover, mobile users have amazing opportunities to get discounts and giveaways. This means that they can save money, so from a psychological perspective, they are likely to interact with such shops on a regular basis.

4. Better Efficiency and Increased Revenues

As a rule, mobile applications are more flexible and user-friendly. Although their implementation is quite expensive, they are likely to quickly pay off and increase sales. The correlation is simple: a good app with the right concept and functionality brings more clients; more clients results in more orders, consequently, your earnings are increasing.
One more significant tool to increase the sales and maintain the brand is push notifications. This is a cheap and effective promotion channel. Via push notifications, you can instantly deliver essential information to your customers and inspire them to make immediate orders.

5. Detailed Analytics

Data is easy to gather and track in the application. Mobile functionality allows you to monitor users’ interaction and gives you useful information about them, such as responsiveness to particular content and features, feedback, session length, audience composition. This may help deliver improvements and updates, create personalized content, develop marketing campaigns and an advanced marketing strategy. Do make use of mobile analytics.

6. Mobile Apps Offer Better UX

It is all about the user experiences nowadays. Any user who does not have a smooth experience on a mobile site will not only discard it but also go straight to the competitor who might be having a mobile app. Smartphones are equipped features such as GPS, camera, and sensors that enhance the user experience of an app.

7. Users Prefer Apps Over Website

There are apps for everything you wish to do on the web. Therefore, the users prefer apps over the mobile site when they look for buying any service or product. Also, the apps are easy to access and offer a smoother experience as compared to mobile websites.

8. Apps Encourage Social Sharing

When you are offering a service through an e-commerce app, you need to ensure you enjoy maximum visibility and word to mouth marketing is a great way to achieve it. Social sharing option in the app lets the users share the apps on social sites.

9. Push Notifications

This is one of the biggest advantages of mobile apps. Android, as well as iOS phones, have notification features that the apps can use for their benefit. This feature can be used to push new offers and other updates like order status, refund status, delivery status and others.

10. Easy To Gather User Information

In order to provide personalized service to the users, you need to understand the purchasing pattern of their users, their likes & dislikes and target them accordingly. Apps help the e-commerce businesses record such info and analyze them to deduce the pattern. These patterns help the business target the users based on their preferences.

11. Better Conversion Rates

This is one of the biggest advantages of mobile apps. Android, as well as iOS phones, have notification features that the apps can use for their benefit. This feature can be used to push new offers and other updates like order status, refund status, delivery status and others.

12. Mobile Apps Make Payments Easier, Faster, and More Secure

When you develop a mobile app, you can (even have to, it’s 2017 for real) include secure payment options and program the app to remember these options for subsequent shopping experiences. This streamlines the buying process for the user, and makes things easier on your end. It’s possible to simplify payments even more with Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Samsung pay – so users can go shopping without credit cards and fear to lost it.

13. During Downtimes, One can Work with Another

Technical glitches are part of websites, data backup, recovery and storage. Though most of the people just talk about customers’ journey, simplifying user experience, this is one of the major reasons, you should choose both. When you are hosting a website, many a times server go down or encounter some other problem. Presence of mobile app during the same time can prevent from losing your customers or reducing the chances of brand switch.

14. Increased Marketing Options

This is one of the biggest advantages of mobile apps. Android, as well as iOS phones, have notification features that the apps can use for their benefit. This feature can be used to push new offers and other updates like order status, refund status, delivery status and others.

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