14 Reasons You Need to Invest in Mobile App Development

In fact, mobile devices have become so important to our daily lives, we carry them everywhere we go.
Business methods have changed. Nowadays, people prefer mobile applications to desktops, as they offer more convenience, speed and adaptability. Consumers can shop anywhere, even on the go. This has resulted in a tremendous growth of the number of mobile applications.
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Apple said to be working on AR headset aimed for potential 2020 ship date

November 9, 2017 – Apple is working on technology that would enable it to build an augmented reality headset by 2019, with shipping targeted for as soon as 2020, according to a new report from Bloomberg. The device would be independent from Apple’s iPhone or other mobile devices, with its own built-in display, OS (dubbed ‘rOS’ internally), and a new custom processor, per the report.

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