Big Objects are in simple terms customized objects but it comes with great data handling capacity. Their capacity is such that they can save at least billions of data in them. Big objects are very much similar to custom objects in some approaches but very distinctive in others as well. Most important thing is the scalability of data is what lets Big objects stand out in the crowd.
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Einstein AI Takes into Account Cloud Customization Decisions

Salesforce clienteles today know there’s neither insincerity nor disregard that comes with the plane move of accepting Einstein artificial intelligence apparatuses to boost their sales teams. It is the ability of Einstein to dig insights from email, Leads, Accounts, contacts, calendar, Opportunities and free-text data inside Salesforce; pre-populate standard and custom fields and forms to save time; and put on machine learning to lead-scoring, Einstein’s intention is to acquire sales representatives performing more of what they do best – selling – and less data entry or management.
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