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November 10, 2016 – Nowadays, businesses must keep updated using the latest developments striking the technological innovation industry in order to continue to be competitive as well as successful. Developments in mobile are taking place faster than ever which is essential that will businesses keep up. As an example, how many businesses are aware that potential customers now utilize mobile applications six times more than websites?


Many of the latest and greatest digital developments, however, pose very difficult queries for companies, specifically medium-sized businesses who sometimes do not have the same size funds or resources as their bigger competitors. So how can businesses avoid falling behind your competitors?
You may have guessed where I am choosing this – a mobile application – that’s how.
Nowadays, 70 per cent of mobile phone time is spent on apps. Using a mobile application for an innovative business solution can revolutionise how you will handle customers, co-workers, and also the business generally. It may change a relatively time-consuming job into a several clicks, all in a sleek and branded package. Consider of the applications you have everyday instead of the company website.

Staying at the forefront
Your own personal application can be integrated with many various system, pulling information from your existing databases into an easy to use solution. It can change all those lengthy tasks into a seamless transition from one screen to the next, having an user-friendly interface optimized for usability. Applications of this nature can also be just as much regarding making efficiency or productivity gains internally via much better employee engagement procedures because they are for engaging externally with customers.
Only at Pocket Application, our professional team worked on over 30 projects within the last five years. More and more businesses are identifying which making mobile applications cannot only attract a wider range of customers, it can also provide help to engage much better with employees, as well as develop a completely new strategy for your business to interact along with those customers and employees.

Security and cost
Having said that, security is an area that people are frequently asked about. Rest assured all your info each business file can be saved in an application behind security and safe storage. Not bad for any device that fits in your hand.
Similarly, we are often asked about the cost of creating an application. The honest answer is that it depends upon actually looking to accomplish, but whatever your budget, you will work with you to make sure an instant ROI. An application is almost usually a worthwhile investment for your business, in case we think another mobile solution might suit you much better we will tell you – this is why we are a dependable mobile professional for so many businesses. There are also various ways to approach application development through phases to make the process more palatable from the economic perspective.

One question we often obtain asked is what can an application do for my business? So to assist you to solution that question read about a few diverse examples of projects we are presently focusing on:
  • For a Beauty service management application used to established fast communication between customers and beauty service providers.
  • For a VisiLean app enables field based access to the construction tasks, including task status management, snagging (or issue list), access to drawings and specifications, communication and photo upload.
  • For a HIPAA compliant Mobile App for Dentists and Patients.
  • For a LeadMaster is the CRM application which is build and focused on managing customer for different industry.
  • For a vTiger CRM Mobile for Android sets your vTiger CRM information totally free! View and edit your own contact information, sales pipeline, projects or help information on the fly, starting from your Android.
  • And finally for a SaaS company, we have developed a mobile version of their successful monitoring tool.

Working with our bespoke application consultants to meet the needs you set is an incredibly dynamic and iterative process. We do not simply provide an ‘out of the box’ solution, with Pocket Application you and your business team work alongside our experts to create a tailor-made application which is your own.
Ultimately applications improve efficiency, increase the uptake of a specific service, and as mentioned earlier can also add to the overall effect of latest or existing technologies, systems and processes.
The application development and mobile space shows no signs of slowing down with more and more companies are recognizing which mobile is the way forward. Therefore, investing not just your hard-won resources, but also your confidence in applications, is the first step towards providing an effective business initiative that may deliver a real return on investment.

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