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Its pleasure to announce that Variance InfoTech successfully implement vCRM version compatible with vTiger 6.0 and vTiger 6.1

We are continuously updating vCRM (extended from vTiger mobile website). We updating vTiger mobile based on our existing client feedback as well as prospect who keen to interested in vCRM.

  • This product is very useful for the marketing people travelling frequently and wants to access Web based CRM which is not compatible in mobile like
    iPhone, Android, BlackBerry etc…
  • vCRM is web based mobile friendly product so it costs per installation and no charge for how many user using the vCRM.
  • vTiger have native application for iPhone/Android but it has limited feature as well as its costly because required to buy per device.

We just introduce following new features in vCRM version

Two column listing of the module : in order to reduce less scrolling we decide to provide option of two column module listing which will make vCRM mobile user friendly.


Related module : We received continuous feedback from the customer for the option of related module in vCRM. Based on the requirement and possibility to integrate with existing vCRM version we introduce related module concept in vCRM


Search in module record : vTiger mobile website search only on listed record. We change the search functionality such a way that it also search in all records of the module instead of listed record.


You can review current version from following
Username: demo
Password: demo
Your feedback on this would be appreciable!!!

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One thought on “vTiger Mobile Website Compatible with Version 6.0”

  1. Will this be released to the public or available to use on our site if we choose? It would be nice to see how it integrated into the database.


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