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This is how we add Mail Manager with complete essential Email Features. Now no switching between two different apps

Mail Manager Module:

  • We have created widget to show mail.
  • We also implemented full inbox.
  • User can see mail details and attachment and he will be able to replay, replay all and forward a mail.

OpenPop.Net Details:

  • We have used OpenPop.Net dll to retrieve all mail.
  • OpenPop.Net provide mail details like Mail Sender’s Details, Who is in To CC and attachments and more.

Integration steps:

  • Add OpenPop.Net dll to your project.
  • Add OpenPop.Pop3 namespace.
  • After Adding above namespace, You have to call client.Connect(hostname, port, useSsl) method and pass all parameter to connect with server.
  • After connecting with server, you have to call client.Authenticate(username, password, Authentication Method. Username & Password); method and authenticate with server by passing those parameter.
  • And now you can call client.GetMessage(i) method to get mail from server(i), is mail number.






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