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VIPL(Variance InfoTech PVT LTD) Team build SMS modules to Send SMS messages directly from Account, Contact, Lead,Case and Opportunity. You just need to open that particular record, then click on Send SMS button and select desire template from drop down which are you already created in SMS template module. You can also send multiple SMS at once right from the list view

SMS Modules Integrated with Workflow

With SMS modules SuiteCRM user can send SMS from workflow, send automatic SMS from any module.

  • It works with Major SMS Gateway. Also flexible to add new SMS gateway
  • Intuitive configuration option to manage SMS
  • Outbound as well as Inbound SMS from the CRM
  • Maintain All SMS Logs sent from CRM
  • Send single as well as group SMS from the CRM
  • All the modules which has phone numbers covered with the help of the workflow change
  • Template and Placeholder based SMS Template on basis of SuiteCRM Modules (Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunities, Cases).
  • Automatic Notify team or assigned user on any activity via SMS settings in workflow.
  • Send out SMS to Field Sales staff on the move so they can contact to client at the shortest time.
  • Send Birthday, Anniversary SMS to Prospect automatic from workflow.

SMS Gateway consideration

Our SMS addon is compatible with all the SMS gateways of the World. Below is the list of some popular SMS gateways used by our clients.
  • MSG91 (India)
  • ClickaTell (USA)
  • Twilio SMS (Australia)
  • Avetio (United Kingdom)
  • Expert Texting (North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia)
  • MaTelso SMS Gateway (Germany)
  • SMS Gateway (Canada)
  • Burst SMS – (Australia)
  • Unifonic – (Jordan)
  • Nexmo – (USA)
  • C3NTRO – (Mexico)

SuiteCRM SMS Extensions Pricing

SuiteCRM SMS extensions price is one time for single SuiteCRM instance.
Price : $299 (ONE TIME PURCHASE)
Trial : Free 30-Day Trial
Users : Unlimited Users
Compatibility : Works on versions 7.0.0 and above

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