Differences between Dynamics CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011

In Dynamics CRM 2011, the renaming of workflows to processes reflects some changes and improvements. A business process can be one of two types. Workflows are automated (asynchronous) processes running in the background, triggered automatically by an event or run on-demand by a user. These are the same workflows that are from Dynamics CRM 4.0. Dialogs are interactive (synchronous) processes, requiring user input to start and run to completion.

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Social CRM, SaaS Sales to Reshape CRM Market

The next few years will reshape the CRM market, significantly altering the way manufacturers and other businesses buy and use CRM software.That’s the forecast from the CRM analysts at research firm Gartner. They predicted in a recent report that trends such as social CRM, the SaaS delivery model, and more empowered consultants and systems integrators will be crucial factors in changing the market for customer relationship management software.

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