how to hire developer from outsourcing IT company ?

Hire Developer, Hire Programmer, Hire Offshore Developer, Hire Dedicated Developer – is a Good Choice OR Nightmare?Every company must have face this question many times and managers have responded to their board many times with different opinion. So what is all this, Hire Developer, Hire programmer, Hire Offshore Developer and Hire Dedicated Developer is all about?
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How to Create Custom Entity In crm 2011

CRM 2011 allows a user to define his/her own activity type. For example, if we want to conceptualize sale transactions as activities and report, analyze and view them on a par with the out-of-box CRM activities, we can define our new custom entity as an activity type. In 3.0 and 4.0 this would not have been possible (at least in a supported fashion); in CRM 2011 it is quite easy.When creating the custom entity, such as Sale Transaction below, check the boxes labeled Define as an activity entity and Display in Activity Menus , as shown below. Save, publish, and you are done!

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